Water Filtration System Installation in Houston & Katy, TX

Drinking water supplied from your local main water line is not safe. You need a water filtration system to ensure the health of your family. Vekter Plumbing & Drains offers quality water filtration systems that eradicate the need for salts. Our NaturalSof system slowly diminishes calcium scale buildup and improves the quality of your drinking water. 

Forget the hard water stains that come with your regular tap water as you use it for different purposes. Count on Vekter Plumbing & Drains for top-notch water filtration system installation for cleaner, fresher, & healthier water. Our installation services are available in Augusta, Edmundson, Hillsboro, Madison, & other nearby areas in Houston, TX. To ensure the purity of the water in your home, call us NOW at 281-524-2826


Treat Hard Water As Soon As Possible

The tap water in your home is hard due to the dissolved calcium in it. Hard water can dry out hair & skin, disrupt electrical appliances & create stains where it is daily used. The stains are a good identifier of limescale build-up that you should pay attention to as quickly as possible. You might not notice it soon enough, but it slowly takes a toll on you & your family’s health.


Benefits of NaturalSof Water Filtration System from Vekter

The NaturalSof systems we provide eliminate limescale buildup by converting the calcium into crystals. This softens the water without any added salt. This also prevents your family from ingesting hard water & using it for other essential purposes. More benefits of NaturalSof water filtration system installation from Vekter Plumbing & Drains include:

  • Safer Drinking Water
  • Eliminates the Need for Salts
  • No More Changing Salts Periodically
  • Low Maintenance Filtration System
  • Stops Scale Buildup & Hard Water Stains
  • Slowly Remove Existing Limescale

Call Us TODAY for Water Filtration System Installation & Services

Vekter Plumbing & Drains is a BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited business that has been recognized for quality workmanship & customer satisfaction. You can completely rely on us for making your home’s water safer & cleaner. Give us a call at 281-524-2826 to install a water filtration system for your home in Houston.

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