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Choose "Green" Limescale Prevention over "Salt" Water Softeners throughout the USA!

No Salt. No Power. No Water Waste. No Maintenance.

NaturalSof is a healthy, eco-friendly solution that removes scale gradually from older, or untreated systems and prevents scale buildup and hard water stains in new installations.

  • Unlike "salt-utilizing" traditional water softeners, no negative effect on drinking water.
  • All operating expenses and hassles related to the usage of traditional water softening methods are eliminated as our ground-breaking NaturalSof technology replaces them. There will be no more environmental damage, water waste, or salt hauling.
  • The NaturalSof system is truly "fit and forget," as it does not necessitate any upkeep whatsoever.
  • Constant water flow is guaranteed without the need for periodic backwashing. A new water treatment system from NaturalSof can be installed with any type of pipe, and our skilled technicians will merely swap out the old pipe for a brand-new one. We handle all the setup, so you can start enjoying the advantages of pure water immediately.

We are proud to be the preeminent water treatment resource. Contact NaturalSof's experts today at 281-524-2826 or Complete the following contact form to get in touch with us.


Do not rely solely on our word:

Chris W.
Fishers, IN
5 Stars
Dec 8th, 2019
I installed NaturalSof around six months ago. The results are fantastic. In the place where we reside, the water quality is low and extremely hard. Water softeners were never a part of my home. As there was no water softener, our showers would have been marred by hard water stains that are orange, and our fixtures, such as toilets and sinks, would get clogged with calcium. Lastly, we noticed some minor calcium deposits forming in the coffee maker. There has been a noticeable change ever since we had NaturalSof installed; the stains have vanished, the buildup has diminished, and our coffee machine's filter no longer has any calcium deposits on it. I highly recommend NaturalSof. I also don't bother with purchasing salt for the softener.
Cosmin H.
Crescent Valley, NV
5 Stars
Nov 29th, 2019
My use of my NaturalSof has now lasted for almost a year. My showers and sinks are free of white stains now. For trial purposes, a friend of mine got one from me because the scale on his instant-hot water heater was in very bad condition, and every six months, he had to disassemble it and thoroughly clean it. He hasn't had any clogging problems with that water heater in over a year. Our area's water type complements it well, so it's a good fit.
Cesar L.
Chula Vista, CA
5 Stars
Nov 28th, 2019
We really like our home's new addition!!
Thank you so much.
Holly T.
Edwardsville, KS
5 Stars
Nov 12th, 2019
We went in search of salt. There was literally no other option for 'soft' water. WRONG!
We were VERY skeptical at first, but When we heard from a consumer who disliked additives in his water, we felt reassured.
Small & Simple device. Big rewards!!
Excellent decision on our part! AND have recommended NaturalSof to a number of people!
Thank you!!!
Charlie Q.
Springville, CA
5 Stars
Nov 11th, 2019
Excellent results. No stains at all!!

Contact your nearest Certified NaturalSof dealer immediately from the NaturalSof Directory for clean, pure, healthy water directly at your own residence that is safe and suitable for drinking, washing, and bathing.

No need to venture outside of your home or face the supermarket's crowds to purchase bottled water. You and your loved ones can rest easy with NaturalSof.

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